Trademark Services

Trademark Searches



Considering a new registered trademark? Our trademark services includes a comprehensive registrability search which provides clients with the confidence of knowing whether a proposed mark is available. Trademark search results are typically available within 24 hours

Trademark Registration



Are you a business and need to trademark your business name, product name, logo, and/or slogan? From preparing the initial application to sending you the final registration certificate, we handle the entire trademark registration process, including all routine follow up with the USPTO.

USPTO Office Actions



Have you received an “office action” email or other communication from the USPTO? If the USPTO has questioned your application for a registered trademark or refused to register your mark, we can review your situation and provide a strategy to move forward. Our trademark services offer comprehensive trademark searches to minimize any pushback from the USPTO.

Trademark Maintenance and Consulting


One of our trademark services is to police your mark by doing continuous extensive trademark searches to ensure that your trademark is being protected nationwide from competitors.

In addition to assisting with filing the appropriate maintenance and renewal documents to make sure your registration stays in force, we can also consult with clients regarding registered trademark infringement, licensing and transfer issues. 

Trademark Litigation


A registered trademark is not simply a word or symbol; it is the embodiment of a company’s reputation, brand, and business. Whether initiating trademark litigation or defending against a lawsuit, our trademark services protect our client’s best interests. 

Where a basic trademark search may have been insufficient and an accidental infringement occurred, our trademark lawyers know what to do.

Cannabis Trademarks


 While the Controlled Substances Act poses a hurdle for most cannabis related businesses to obtain a registered trademark, there are many circumstances in which cannabis related trademarks can successfully obtain a federal trademark registration. 

In the current competitive landscape to obtain IP rights in the cannabis industry, obtaining a federal trademark is beyond significant. However, if a federal trademark is not feasible at this time, don't worry! We have plenty of other strategies to protect your cannabis mark.

Our trademark services offer comprehensive trademark searches for both state and federal trademark protection for our cannabis clients.