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You Built a Brand. Now You Need Trademark Protection.

You Built a Brand. Now You Need Trademark Protection.

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Redefining Your Legal Experiences: Brand Matters Because Brands Matter.


SKB Law's Trademark Lawyers are focused on the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and creative individuals. Our experienced trademark lawyers take a unique approach in understanding our clients’ wide range of trademark related matters. We are passionate about creating and maintaining strategies to facilitate registered trademark protection because we understand that the most valuable intangible asset for a business is their brand. Our goal is to protect your brand so you can continue to grow your business. 

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Whether you are interested in evaluating a new mark, having trouble understanding your USPTO trademark search, considering adding a product line and/or a service line to your existing business, or you are attempting to apply for a registered trademark and have received an office action from the USPTO, we can assist you with your current trademark needs. 

Our goal is to provide Intellectual Property expertise to entrepreneurs and businesses around the country. Call today to speak directly with a trademark lawyer!

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